​Upcoming Gala or Prom?

Have us create your updo in your dress, without worrying about the weather during the walk out of the salon.

Time for your haircut?

Throw dinner in the oven, play your favorite show from your DVR, and kick your feet up in the comfort of home while we pampers you.

Want the silky smoothness of a Keratin Treatment, but don't want to be in a salon for hours? 

Relax at home while we make your hair as smooth as caramel.

Hosting the Bachelorette Party before everyone goes out for the night?

Open wine, turn on music, and we will blow dry and style you and all of your friends' hair with her "Girls Night Out" Package.

Trying to find a fun experience for your daughter's birthday?

Have a "Princess Party" and we will make each girl feel like a princess with an updo, curls, or whatever they want.

Six girls going to Prom?

​Try the "All Dolled Up" Package for us to do everyone's hair in their dresses without everyone separately trekking to the salon.

Want a fun way to get the girls together, while saving money?

With a "Haircut Party," everyone gets a discount and you get your Girls Night In - how could you want more?

In the public eye?

Don't worry about others' conversations, people seeing you in unflattering ways, or confidentiality - we come to you.

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Northern Virginia's premier hair stylists... that come to you.

Meet Jackie

 ​Our founder, Jackie, always ensures we won't just make you look beautiful, we'll make you feel beautiful.