How is Running with Scissors changing its services to protect clients from the transmission of covid-19?

Taking great precaution with each service to keep you healthy is at the forefront of our minds. While you will be in the comfort of home, we still want you to be comfortable and confident in our stylists' ability to keep you safe. We have made the following changes to normal service, until further notice:

1. Stylists will wear protective masks and gloves during the entire appointment. For the safety of everyone, we kindly request that all clients and anyone nearby age 5+ wear masks during the appointment, if within a 10-foot vicinity of our stylist.

2. We now be offering modified blow dry services, upon request only, that involves an innovative tool which does not blow hair. Traditional blow dry services will not be offered at this time, unless there is express consent and request made by client, with agreement by stylist.

3. Hair washing services will be kept at a minimum and avoided if desired. If you are receiving a haircut only, please wash your hair a few minutes before your appointment, so that your hair is still damp when we arrive. During a color service only, our stylists will be able to wash your hair if you request it, or you may wash your own hair mid-service in your own shower (preferred).

4. Towels used for clients are washed with disinfecting detergent and dried with high heat after each individual use. No towels are ever re-used.

5. Combs are sanitized after each use using the leading commercial hair sanitization solution.

6. Brushes and color bowls are cleaned after each use, which includes washing with soap and water that is safe for your hair.

7. The shampoo tray will be sanitized after each use.

8. The cape you wear during your service will be washed after every individual use using the same methods as the towels. Multiple capes are kept on-hand.

9. The salon chair will be sanitized after each appointment.

10. Many of our products are one-time use (including foils, gloves, color tubes, and more). Wherever possible, we will utilize one-time use products. If a tool or product is not one-time use, it is sanitized before the next use.

If the client prefers, we can provide the service(s) outdoors, preferably in a covered setting like a porch or garage. Outdoor service(s) is/are dependent on the weather and other conditions. At the stylist's sole professional discretion, it may be determined the service(s) is/are not able to be done outdoors. In such event, we will perform the services inside your home following the strict precautions outlined above.

Note: we cannot accommodate rescheduled or cancelled appointments due to weather. Running with Scissors Mobile Hair Salon has strict precautions to keep our clients and our stylists safe, so we will need to perform the service(s) indoors if outdoors is not an option due to weather.

Running with Scissors Mobile Hair Salon is making every effort to keep our stylists and clients safe during the COVID-19 global pandemic. By accepting an appointment, you understand the risks of receiving salon services and waive Running with Scissors Mobile Hair Salon to any liability due to a potential exposure.

Updated August 2021